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JUNE 22,1992

From the Eyewitness:


I had just returned home with my family from a big family get together celebrating my grandparents 40th wedding anniversary. I was 9 years old and had never been allowed to stay up nearly this late so I was pretty pumped. As my parents, my sister and I walked up the garden path I was already scanning the horizon, 2 bright lights caught my eye, blinking and moving slowly from North to South (left in my field of vision). Here the boy who cried wolf blew his chance of getting a second witness as he proudly declared to all present “See, UFO’s are real”, “They’re just stars, shut up” came the response. Well after getting ready for bed I sit myself on my windowsill. HA they weren’t stars, they’re gone! (Realistically will have just been planes) A quick glance left and right to see if I can see where they are and there it is. 

A “diamond” shaped object hoveringly lazily just over the house across and down the street, imagine a pyramid on top of an upside down pyramid, jet black in construct against the night sky but this thing is lit up like a Christmas tree, on the four corners that form the outer ring there are bright lights, one red, one blue, one orange and one green. They’re flashing sequentially in a clockwise fashion.

Between each of these are a set of four smaller lights, again one of each colour and these are staying lit but flicking off very rapidly running clockwise around the object. 

I really struggle to estimate the size as there was no real reference frame, not knowing how far away it was. It just sits there, swaying and rotating slightly. I shout for my sister, no response. Again I try, “Come look, a UFO!”, “Shut up I said, they’re just stars”. I turn away from the window for a moment to plead her to come but no sale. 

I turn back to the window and the object has gone. No, not gone, moved, it had moved vertically up and was now plummeting in what seemed like a free fall whilst tipping over away from me. It disappears behind the houses across the road and presumably into the field beyond before quickly raising up to the left of where it had fallen as though it has swooped in a U motion. Only now it had turned so what was the bottom of the object is now facing at me. Right. At me. 

I froze in fear, I felt an awful dread like nothing I’ve felt before, I had no idea what it was doing, but it was aware of me now. I snapped out of it and threw myself under the bed sheets and waited until daylight.







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