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Forrest Tanner

Artist & Designer


I share a fascination on the subject of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Having had the opportunity to speak one on one with individuals with witnesses of such events, the idea to capture that event in the artistic medium emerged. Care is taken to capture the event from the viewers perspective. I work closely with the witness and share the various stages of creating the piece to gather more insight and gain approval.


In other cases such as the Department of Defense release of the 3 Navy UAP videos, artistic license is employed to give a unique and imaginative depiction of those events. No confirmation or contact with the original witnesses is inferred in those depictions.


It is my hope that these images can be inspiring and allow those who have experienced similar sightings to share their stories. If you been witness to an event or sighting and would like to share your experience please contact me via Submit a Sighting page.

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